Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Press release writing

We have our own, in-house professional press release writer. Our press release writing includes unlimited reviews. It needs to be perfect, not just good.

Proof of delivery

We love our work and offer the most comprehensive service in the market. But all of this doesn’t mean much, if you can’t follow up on our work. That’s why we deliver a complete press and social media report to all our customers.

Social media shares are included in the report as well. We make sure to keep you updated.

Do you only support US based campaigns?

No! Our team members in Europe and Asia (January 2016) have access to contact details of EU/Asia based journalists and return backers. We work based on location (country, interest, etc.) in order to deliver a solution that fits your needs.

Guaranteed amount of media inclusions?

Yes. Our service is not limited to the distribution of your press release, we also make sure that your press release gets posted on a minimum amount of online press and news sites.

Return Backers

Over the years we learned that reaching out to people who supported a campaign before, gave us a much bigger return on investment/efforts compared to, for example, a Google or Facebook Adwords campaign.

To make life easier – and serve you better, we created a database (with over 825 000 active funders to date) and messaging tool (social media + direct mail).

Depending on the package you select(ed), we’ll search for backers in the following order:

1. backed at least 2 projects in the last 6 months

2. backed at least 1 campaign in your category

3. filter the results on most active funders

Press Release Distribution

It is relatively easy to blast your press release to a number of journalists. The result? A low amount of actual published releases, and the only guarantee you’ll get is that your next press release will be delivered directly into a journalist’s spam box.

We at Starwood Creations do things differently. Before sending your press release out, we’ll search for the appropriate contacts, check the market, examine published articles, and only then send out your press release.

Journalists receive several press releases every single day. That’s why we always start with a personalized pitch and add your full press release in attachment. While the right pitch is important, we also make sure to follow up with everyone we reach out to, and set daily alerts to keep track of new opportunities. We offer you a full public relations experience, not only press release distribution services.

This method works. We can guarantee you press inclusions!

Google News

All our packages include distribution to Google News. We make sure your press release gets maximum visibility.

Social Media Marketing

By defining your target audience before we launch our social media approach, we get your campaign the visibility it deserves. We always launch our social media campaign at the same times your press release goes out. This approach increases the visibility for your campaign while giving your campaign additional credibility.

Landing Pages

We have a vast experience creating websites and landing pages for brands and crowdfunding campaigns. Whether you’re validating an idea, selling a product or service or running a Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you definitely want a landing page that converts!

Your landing page is an additional sales platform. One that keeps running long after your crowdfunding campaign ends. You can redirect people to your page, offer your perks and products, and use it as a sales/communication platform.

Can I review the press release?

Of course! While we like to have it right from the first time, we always send you a draft before we publish it.

When do you process my order?

We start working on your campaign within a few hours (during business hours) after receiving your order, weekends included.

Personal Approach

We always customize our approach to fit your strategy. Whether you want to reach a local, state, regional or international audience, we’ve got you covered.

  • We target individual journalists and bloggers from our list of 924,774 media contacts.
  • Detailed distribution report, with guaranteed results!
  • Database including 825,000 returning Kickstarter & Indiegogo backers.
  • Full service, award winning agency that’s highly regarded within the industry.
Our Packages

Turnaround Time

We offer a rapid turnaround time, usually within 24 hours. We’ll use that time to write your press release, create press distribution accounts and select relevant press + active backer contact details.

Note: all our packages run until the end of your campaign.

If you are planning a crowd funding campaign be sure to include the services offered by starwoodcreations.com. We would have never reached as many people as we did with their help. We made our goal because of their amazing knowledge and experience. We are forever grateful to them!

Pepper Cowlishaw

Simply put? Starwood Creations made the difference between our campaign floundering... and flourishing. Could not do it without them.

Kirk Miller

Starwoodcreations.com provides the best boost you can get for your campaign. Try them first! And do it immediately when you start your campaign. We tried others without much return but with Starwood we raised almost double our goal and cannot recommend them enough!

Dan Kohler

I highly recommend using his service... will be using this for sure again on other stuff!!!

Team Norton

This was my first crowd-funding project and I am so thankful that Starwood Creations were there to help. Not only did we meet our goal, we had so many views, recommendations, Facebook and Twitter shares that I could not have achieved with out them.

Marry Wilkinson

Should you use Starwood? 100% YES! I would fully recommend them to anyone with a Kickstarter project. The team was instrumental to us in getting the word out to potential backers. We managed to hit our target with a few days to spare and this was in big part due to Starwood Creations. A must for any crowdfunder! Thanks guys!

Howard Thomas

Your services worked really well for me. I had a goal of £15,000 and finished at £18,650. I'm thrilled!

Brian Driscoll

Starwood Creations is a fantastic outlet for anyone who is promoting a campaign. My contributions tripled within five days! Thank you! I will use you again and highly recommend you to others!!!

Jemima Price

Starwood Creations was quite literally a saving grace at the end of my campaign. With only 13 days left and half of the goal remaining, I decided to use Starwood Creations on a whim. I didn't know what to expect, but the service proved to be instrumental and that in a very limited amount of time. I do strongly feel that we may not have met our goal without the help of their team. I would highly recommend the service as part of a crowdfunder must-have success kit. I know I will be a returning customer.

Roland Cook

I’ve used your services in two crowdfunding campaigns with stellar results. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was a satisfied customer. I highly recommend the Starwood's team!

Melanie Nohelty